• The East China Powder Metallurgy Technology Exchange Meeting, rotationally presented by the powder metallurgy societies in East China, has been successfully held for 17 years since 1982. It’s considered as one of the important platforms for China's powder metallurgy industry exchanges, and has actively promoted the flourishing development of the industry and related industries in East China and even China.

  • The 2020 East China Powder Metallurgy Technology Exchange Meeting will be hosted by the Powder Metallurgy Committee of Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society. It’s been 12 years since last time the meeting was held by in 2008. During this period, the powder metallurgy industry in China, especially in East China, has made new progresses and leaps. New achievements were made in multiple aspects. To this end, let's get together once again to communicate with each other and achieve mutual benefits.

Main agenda and organizers

  • 1. Inauguration

    Guest speech

    Shao Jian, President, Powder Metallurgy Association of Shanghai Society for Advanced Materials

    Han Wei, Secretary General, China Powder Metallurgy Alliance

    Award ceremony

    2. Keynote speakers

    Topic: Thoughts on the Development of China's Powder Metallurgy Industry Under the Influence Of New Economic Environment and Epidemic Situation

    Speaker: Cao Yang, Deputy Secretary-General, Powder Metallurgy Association of China General Machine Components Industry Association

    Secretary of the Board of Directors & Deputy General Manager, NBTM New Materials Group Co., Ltd.

    Topic: Current Situation and Development of Shandong Powder Metallurgy Industry Under the New Situation

    Speaker: Xia Yuhai, Director, Shandong Powder Metallurgy Society

    Dean, Shandong Institute of Mechanical Design and Research

    Topic: Modified Preparation and Performance Study of Iron-Based Powders for Structural Parts

    Speaker: Cheng Xugui, Director, Anhui Powder Metallurgy Society

    Professor, Hefei University of Technology

    Topic: Research on Powder Printing Pre-Forming Technology

    Speaker: Xue Feng, Director, Jiangsu Powder Metallurgy Society

    Professor, Southeast University

    Topic: Current situation and Development of Tungsten-based Composite Materials

    Speaker: Huang Youting, Director, Fujian Powder Metallurgy Society

    Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Fujian University of Technology

    Topic: Powder Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing

    Speaker: Yan Biao, Director, Shanghai Powder Metallurgy Society

    Prodessor, Tongji University

    3. Technical and academic exchanges

    4. Welcome dinner

    5. Visit PM China 2020

  • Schedule

    Registration time: 10 August, 2020

    Date of the forum: 11 August, 2020

    Event visiting duration: 12 - 14 August, 2020


    Jiangsu Powder Metallurgy Society

    Anhui Powder Metallurgy Society

    Shandong Powder Metallurgy Society

    Zhejiang Powder Metallurgy Society

    Fujian Powder Metallurgy Society

    Shanghai Powder Metallurgy Society


    Powder Metallurgy Committee of Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society


    Uniris Exhibition Shanghai Co., Ltd.

    PM Business Website 


    Shanghai D&S Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Yangzhou Haili Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Ningbo Hiper Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.


    China Powder Metallurgy Alliance

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